“Rockface of the Wild Dog Dreaming”


Giclee, 900 x 600 mm

This is a painting of the Island Stack, Lawn Hill National Park, Western Queensland. The cave of the Wild Dog Dreaming, a site sacred to the Indigenous people is not depicted, only the rockface near it. Yet even here, if one looks closely, the face of a dingo can be seen in the rock structures.

Lawn Hill Creek circles the Island Stack, and on one side runs through a deep gorge, with red sandstone cliffs rising above the blue green water, studded with waterlilies, an occasional fresh water crocodile idly surveying the scene. After driving across miles of Mitchell grass flats and stony ridges, we discovered this beautiful sanctuary place for wildlife. One can canoe down the gorge, or follow one of the many walking tracks to the top of the Island Stack. One of my watercolours shows the gorge from this vantage point. I did a number of paintings of this area, but most were sold before quality giclee prints were available.

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