“Cathedral in the Air”


Giclee, 960 x 760

This is another of my Rokeby National Park paintings. It is of the Coen River, at the end of the dry season. This is the first storm to break the dry. When the wet season comes, the river will be miles wide at times.

I had made a sketch of these paperbarks on my previous visit, but had never developed it into a painting. It was not until I saw the tree trunks lit by light, with the storm clouds beyond, that I saw the potential of my sketch.

The birds were all singing, but the trees were so high I could not see them. It was like listening to a hidden choir – hence the title. The very air was tingling with excitement at the hope of the coming rain. Even the little scrub turkey felt the excitement.

This is a giclee print, printed on canvas, with a varnish spray for protection. It is usually framed on a stretcher, and there is a coloured border, if an additional frame is not desired.

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