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Watercolours on Paper



A Flight of Cockatoos

size 350mm x 400mm


Giclee on Paper $130

I love the cloudscapes of Ravenshoe; we look into approaching clouds instead of looking up to them as we do on the coast. I made an initial quick sketch on an envelope but it took several attempts at the sky before I was satisfied with the result. The pigments in a watercolour wash have a will of their own.



Top of the World

size 420mm x 300mm


Giclee on Paper $100

When we were young, a trip up the old Palmerston Highway to the Tablelands was always exciting. As we emerged from the rainforest we would look over the rolling hills of the Southern Tablelands to Bartle Frere and exclaim,”It looks like the top of the world!”.
This line of trees has gone now, blown down by cyclone Larry, but I still remember their silhouette.



Sunrise Mt Mulligan

size 260mm x 500mm


Giclee on Paper $100

This watercolour depicted more of the freshness of the morning while the oil I did captured more of the power of the mountain. Both were done from a sketch. People ask which medium I prefer but I don’t have a favourite. Each has its own language of expression.





The Road to Chillagoe

size 362mm x 290mm

Giclee on Paper $80

I have a great fondness for bush tracks. Gravel roads are driven more slowly so we see much more. This was one of a number of paintings of bush tracks; most have sold. Today the road to Chillagoe is almost all bitumen, so one is less able to see distinctive trees and abandoned blocks of marble. The faster the speed, the more fleeting the memory.



Spirits in Stone
Cobbold Gorge

size 240mm x 500mm
Oil on Canvas


Print available on paper $80

Cobbold Gorge, eighty kilometres west of Georgetown, has only in recent years been accessible to the public. For many years it was not even explored by the station owners, for one cannot walk up this gorge. One must take the boat trip. The quiet motor and the stone figures watching from the naturally water carved cliffs inspire awe. Everyone becomes silent as the deep river narrows even more till the boat must return. In peak season there are three daily trips and there are now comfortable cabins as well as the camping ground. This painting depicts the early morning experience. On my second trip we took the 10.30 trip when the light is harsher and the colours less subtle. On this trip I felt the presences less clearly. Perhaps the late afternoon trip would provide yet another aspect of this mysterious gorge.




Low Levels Katherine River

size 230mm x 305mm

Giclee on Paper $80


This is another watercolour of the favourite picnic spot near Katherine. The original of this one is in Scotland




From My Verandah

size 335mm x 245mm

Giclee on Paper $80

My home in Ravenshoe is protected from wind and traffic noise by a variety of large trees so I do not feel I am living in town. From my front veranda I look out on many textures of green with an occasional splash of white, gold or purple. Before cyclone Larry felled several trees I was even more enclosed. Some of the trees in this painting have gone but my Brazilian cherry is still alive and well.






Dawn Gleam on the Herbert

size 260mm x 360mm

Giclee on Paper $90

This was the first of my series of morning light on the Herbert Gorge. The sun had not yet risen and the water, like a pearly string, seemed to collect the ambient light from the sky. The earth’s colours were subdued in the quiet pre-sunrise light.




This Once Was Home

size 230mm x 340mm

Giclee on Paper $90

This simple miner’s shack once provided shelter and comfort for a lone miner. One old bushman said to me, “I’ve had some wonderful times in a shack like that.”




Flowers of the Wetlands

size 315mm x 230mm

Giclee on Paper $90

When I lived outside Ingham I would go for long walks along the cane paddock headlands. These are some of the wild flowers encountered on these walks.




Remnant Rainforest

size 310mm x 235mm

Giclee on Paper $90

This simple painting encapsulates the Ravenshoe weather, with its drifting eye level clouds and gleams of sunlight amid the mists of winter rain.




Wisteria Gwen's Garden

size 295mm x 240mm

Giclee on Paper $90

Gwen’s wisteria flowers prolifically in spring and this is visible from her kitchen window. I liked the contrast of the delicate flowers and the old fence post .




Second Gorge Nitmuluk

size 300mm x 225mm

Giclee on Paper $90

This was a “plein air” sketch done on our trip up the Katherine Gorge. Because we had only a few hours here it had to be a simple subject completed rapidly as the light was ever changing. Nitmuluk is the Aboriginal name for the gorge.





size circle dia 260mm

Giclee on Paper $60

One of the reasons I was attracted to this property in the first place was the row of dark blue hydrangeas along the south side of the building. I love the simple strength of these flowers.




Misty Morning Mt. Mulligan

Pen and Wash

size 300mm x 215mm

Giclee on Paper $60

On our first morning at Mt Mulligan drifting showers made photography inappropriate so between the showers I made a quick pencil sketch of the mountain from the old town site. I added pen and ink to the initial watercolour to provide more definition and then remembered how I had used this technique when I was a child.




Afternoon Light Blencoe Falls

size 180mm x 330mm

Giclee on Paper $60

Blencoe Falls in the afternoon has a completely different colour pattern from the morning falls. I did two versions of the falls in the warm afternoon light.






Morning Blencoe Falls

size mm x mm

Giclee on Paper $60

One of the morning versions of Blencoe Falls. This is a little later in the morning than "First Light"




Depths of the Heart

size 205mm x 175mm

Giclee on Paper $40

This is a painting from the top of the Island Stack, Lawn Hill national Park. The title just came to me; read into it what you will.




Kapok Tree

size 225mm x 225mm

Giclee on Paper $40

The kapok tree is not a native but there are now many of these trees along the Newcastle Range near Georgetown. The flowers are a bright yellow and the pods have a fibre once used for pillows and for stuffing saddles. I have heard it said that the seeds came from old saddle stuffing brought in by Afghan cameleers.





size 195mm x 145mm

Giclee on Paper $40

Another painting of Gwen’s wisteria.




Blue Hills Herbert Gorge

size 90mm x 150mm

Giclee on Paper $25

Another painting of the Herbert Gorge, late morning.




Bright Afternoon Blencoe Falls

size 170mm x 125mm

Giclee on Paper $25

Another afternoon version of Blencoe Falls





size mm x mm

Giclee on Paper $25

When I was ten I almost died from a severe bout of whooping cough. I had turned my face to the wall and lost interest in living. My mother went down to our pond, took a hyacinth plant in bud and put it in a jam tin beside my bed. I watched the flowers open and studied the “candle “ on one of the petals. I have always remembered this experience and credit this flower with saving my life.




Purity 1

size mm x mm

Giclee on Paper $25

These two prints are of the little white water lily that grows in the shallow water of drains and creek verges. The flowers come up through mud, yet open pure, white and perfumed; a symbol of goodness triumphing over adversity.




Purity 2

size mm x mm

Giclee on Paper $25



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