“Mind’s Eye”


LEd. Lithographic (600)

620 x 530 mm

Another of my favourites. I still own the original and have never put it up for sale. It is a painting of Dalrymple Creek, west of Ingham. In the 1800s, station owners brought their cattle down this track from the hinterland properties to the port of Cardwell. It is a most interesting walking track, which I did several times before catching this subject.

This too is a limited edition (600) lithographic print, printed in 1993, printed with lightfast inks.

This is a strange painting – people either love it or dislike it, there is no middle ground. One visitor said, “It frightens me”. Another visitor explained “It draws you into looking below the surface of things, and some people don’t like doing that.” Sometimes, children see fairy figures in the foreground. I did feel I was being watched as I sketched the scene. It provides a provocative talking point.

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