“Under Surveillance”


“Under Surveillance”  A Novel Paperback, 311 pages

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“Under Surveillance” is the first novel by North Queensland-based author, poet and painter, Winsome Board.

It tells the story of Florence Bean, affectionately referred to as Sunny by all who know her.

Sunny is governess to the two boys of the Connelly family who run a sheep property in Western Queensland. An almost indispensable member of the extended family, Sunny decides to take a short break from the property, responding to a mysterious, other-dimension night visitation, urging her to travel to Canberra. Thus begins a series of events that will change Sunny’s life.

She learns of the true power of family and giving and receiving love, as the settings move around Australia and to the tragedy of war-ravaged Afghanistan and back. In the process, she finally discovers the truth about who she is and how and why.

Board’s writing style makes for easy reading, with her beautifully evocative, sometimes sensuous use of language that quickly captures the reader, who at times almost becomes an invisible participant in the story. Her urgent imagination moves the story along quickly and the reader ponders at times this literary skill that changes locations and punctuates with mystery, suspense and intrigue, sadness and compassion, this interesting, convincingly-researched and strongly-recommended read.

Reviewed K. L. Tasmania

How easy it was to relate to each of the characters in this book. The intertwining of their lives illustrated a wonderful web of intrigue, which was beautifully woven into this novel. It held my interest, so much so, that I read the book over 3 days. I would highly recommend this debut novel. I look forward to following these characters through in her next story.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Carey, Scotland


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