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Ravenshoe Sunset

size 310mm x 505mm

Price $120


I loved watching the sunsets just outside the Gallery where we had a clear view to the west, but I had never attempted to portray them. Then one day a gallery visitor challenged me to paint a sunset and said he would come back to see the result. So far he has not returned but this was my attempt.






Reflections Katherine River

size 345mm x 480mm

Price $120

On my trip to the Northern Territory with Margaret Cowling Arts we visited this popular spot known as the Low Levels of the Katherine River. The reflections were very complex so I used both watercolour and pastels to capture his complexity.



Last Light Edith Falls

size 200mm x 445mm

Price $120


The large plunge pool below Edith Falls undergoes a magical transformation in the late afternoon light. The sky and rock reflections combine in a dance of blue and gold which changes by the minute towards the sunset.




First Light Blencoe Falls

size 300mm x 370mm

Price $110


The morning light produced a completely different light on the falls. It was a symphony in blue, subtly changing as the sun rose higher. I have several prints of this morning light – all the original sold quickly.




The Light Returns

size 300mm x 450mm

Price $110


This is one of the fifteen Blencoe paintings. All are reproduced in my small book, “The Blencoe Falls Experience”. As the morning light advanced down the gorge, the elements changed and five very different paintings were provided for me.




Observed (The Little Millstream Falls)

size 440mm x 300mm

Price $110


The Little Millstream Falls is the most magical of the Ravenshoe waterfalls. I have painted it at dawn and in the late afternoon. This is the only print I have as the other pastels were sold before I could do the giclee prints. I simply painted the shapes I saw in the surrounding rocks. When I had finished, I noticed the faces and figures  that appeared to have been watching me as I worked, hence the title.



Tiger Cornfields

size 260mm x 530mm

Price $110


This resulted from a trip to the Evelyn war memorial, one late afternoon. This memorial is in the countryside, at the site of a camp for Australian soldiers during World War II. It was a beautiful afternoon but in the late afternoon the clouds rolled in, like surf, from the East. The shadows on the bare cornfield reminded me of a tiger’s neck, hence the title.



Geranium Flame

size 400mm x 310mm

Price $90


I had been asked for several years for a painting of geraniums but never felt inspired to do it. Then an old friend died and her son asked if I’d like a keepsake. I glanced down at a tub of scarlet flowers – “I’d like a bunch of her geraniums.”
Back home I placed the vase on my old pot belly stove. The colours sang against the stainless steel background and I had my geranium painting.



Bright Morning Herbert Gorge

size 295mm x 430mm

Price $90


The last painting of morning light on the Herbert Gorge. The water is barely visible now and the distant ranges are the centre of attention. The foreground grass trees must be viewed from a short distance away so this is a picture suitable for hanging in a passage way.




September Tree

size 300mm x 420mm

Price $90

In the September school holidays I took my niece to see my favourite falls, the Little Millstream Falls. This is the swimming hole below the falls. I had not been there before in September and this deciduous tree was bright with its new spring foliage.




Morning Rock Blencoe Lookout

size 405mm x 250mm

Price $90


This is just beside the lookout for the Blencoe Falls. Below the valley is still in shadow, but the low sun makes this rock face gleam. There is a face in this rock too; another of nature’s sculptures.




Water Shadows Chillagoe Creek

size 300mm x 375mm

Price $90

This is another version of Chillagoe Creek in the wet season. The white rocks are pieces of the famous Chillagoe marble.




Moon Magic

size 290mm x 400mm

Price $90


I had just bought a new set of oil pastels and was playing with them. Outside, the moon rose, red orange in a smoky sky. I idly drew the moon then expanded the sky; I put in an imagined foreground, added a spring and some little animals. This was not a gift from a subject sighted but a gift from my imagination.




Platypus Play

size 260mm x 350mm

Price $80


One morning I investigated the Ravenshoe recreation reserve, down behind the railway station. Several platypus were swimming in the early morning light. I had never before seen so many. So this gave me another facet of the Millstream River.




Field of Lupins

size 230mm x 300mm

Price $70


The lupin field was established many years ago. The old house was originally built in Irvinebank in about 1890 and transported to Ravenshoe and reerected in about 1910. I love the colour contrasts of the jacaranda and flame tree.




Jacaranda and Cottage

size 230mm x 300mm

Price $70


This is another of Ravenshoe’s spring jacarandas, beside an old cottage in Cedar Park.




The Descent

size 310mm x 165mm

Price $50


This is the second part of the Blencoe Falls. The river flows right below the lookout. I would not have liked the job of building the lookout.



Jacaranda Series

Each Print $50

Or $220 For Set of 5


I have always loved these flowers for their vibrant colour. In the early days, before Ravenshoe had electricity, many were planted in the main street. However, one Sunday morning, before anyone could protest, workers from the electricity company cut down most of the jacarandas in the main street, to save the cost of trimming them. I did these five small pastels, using photos I had taken the previous year, in memory of the jacarandas of Ravenshoe.

Ravenshoe Church Garden

size 157mm x 235mm

Price $50





The Old Convent Garden

size 235mm x 157mm

Price $50




Ravenshoe Jacaranda

size 157mm x 235mm

Price $50







Ravenshoe Rock Garden

size 255mm x 180mm

Price $50



Ravenshoe Roses

size 175mm x 250mm

Price $50

The series of 5 prints $220




Millstream Roar

size 230mm x 230mm

Price $50


The last of my pastels of the Millstream Falls, taken when the river was in flood.



Ravenshoe Windfarm

size 266mm x 190mm

Price $40


When first constructed in 2000 this was the largest wind farm in Australia and the townsfolk were very proud of it. Now turbines are much bigger and there is more opposition to the construction of wind farms. I am not aware of any complaints against this one.




Fat Albert

size 215mm x 170mm

Price $30 Each or $80 for the Donkey series

Tim has for many years organized “Wilderness Exhibitions”, trekking using pack donkeys to carry essentials. This is luxury bush walking and the donkeys themselves are endearing animals, very friendly and polite. I did a short walk only, from Kalanga near Herberton to the Evelyn war memorial, but it was a wonderful way to experience the country and Tim was a most knowledgeable guide. Fat Albert and Charlie were two of our donkeys. Treacle was a three week old baby back at the farm.






size 215mm x 170mm

Price $30 Each or $80 for the Donkey series





size 215mm x 170mm

Price $30 Each or $80 for the Donkey series








Watercolours and pastels printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching, 310gsm ink jet mould made watercolour paper.



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