Peace and Power Exhibition - Dec 2021 - March 2022

The Tableland Regional Gallery is now open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 1pm.  I will be at the gallery, if you would like to meet me and discuss my paintings, on Wednesdays 10 am – 12 pm.

Great News My Exhibition has been extended to 12pm on the 26th ofMarch! 

I have had Atherton Web Design put together a Virtual Exhibition of the TRC Gallery. You can look at the Exhibition via the link below. I tell the story of each painting.

Also a friend from Nature Things has make a video about my exhibition. It makes a great addition to the Virtual Exhibition and  you can watch it below.

Here is some information about my exhibition:

Winsome Board, landscape artist, presents a Retrospective Exhibition of her work, supported by Sculptures by Trevor Madin.
The exhibition has gathered in some of the best loved artworks from private collections across Australia and spans her prolific career of 61 years. On display will be a comprehensive selection of oil. watercolour and pastel paintings, with a slide show of selected prints that showcase the magnificent landscapes of the region.
Winsome will be present at the gallery on most Wednesdays, from 10am to 12pm, to walk with any visitors and explain the background of her paintings and books.

Where: Tableland Regional Gallery, 16 Robert St. Atherton
Gallery will be closed public holidays.

Meet  Winsome...

For me a happy and full filling life began at fifty. Not that my life until then had been unhappy – like most people, I had my triumphs and my challenges.

As a child, I had loved to paint and draw. But then came study, university, a teaching career for four years, then overseas travel, marriage and children.

It was only when I turned fifty, and alone again, that I decided to become a professional artist. I held four successful solo exhibitions – two in my home town of Ingham, and two in Townsville. Then after forming a new friendship and another year of painting, I established “Win’s Gallery, Art and Woodcraft” In Ravenshoe, North Queensland, Australia. This was my life for the next 21 years.

My paintings have travelled across the world. They have been shown in Artists’ magazines in Australia and in “International Artist” and “Pastel Artist International” and one of my paintings hangs in Queensland Parliament House.

In 2017 I sold my gallery, and turned to my other love, writing. I have published several books, most recently a novel. My business is now mostly on line but visitors may still view my paintings at my home in Ravenshoe by making an appointment. They continue to give much pleasure and an appreciation of our country.

I am currently planning a retrospective exhibition of my work at the Tableland Regional Gallery, Atherton. This presents the progress of my work over a period of 60 years.
Included is a small exhibit of bronze animal sculptures by Trevor Madin.
This exhibition, entitled ‘Peace and Power’, will be open to the public from November 30th 2021 to January 29th 2022. 

This is a small poem I wrote which epitomises the spirit of my paintings.

My Paintings
Trees I have loved,
And changing skies.
Rocks which hold the secrets of time,
And people long since gone.
Wide vistas and deep shadowed gorges,
And water – deep, quiet, reflective, still;
Or shallow chattering streams on stony beds;
Thundering, foaming falls, whose might now challenges
The power of rocks below.
And always I have loved
The changing light of day
From glow of early dawn
Till darkening shadows of the coming night.
I trust you will share with me, my experience of my country.