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Winsome Board paints the light and colours of Northern Australia


Win's Gallery, Ravenshoe
2 Ethel Street, Ravenshoe, Qld 4888     Ph: 07 4097 6270    M: 0401 051 070







The gallery is situated at the bottom of the main street, near the town’s southern bridge; it is now relocated to Win’s artist studio in her home. The focus is now on Win’s paintings.

In October, the centerpiece of Ravenshoe's Torimba Festival is the Festival of the Forests woodcraft exhibition, an outstanding display of various woodcrafts, presented in the Festival. Win usually has a special exhibition for the Festival. This is open each day for a fortnight, from the first Saturday in October.

Win’s Gallery is open by appointment most times throughout the year. Ring 07 40976270, preferably the evening before, to arrange a time convenient for you. Win’s Gallery is now open to the public on Saturday Sunday And Monday from 10 AM to 12 Noon















Hairy Oak Vase

map of Atherton Tablelands

Brahmam Bull in Wood









Images of paintings Copyright Winsome Board

2 Ethel Street, Ravenshoe, Qld, 4888

Winsome Board, P.O. Box 72, Ravenshoe 4888


Phone: 0401 051 070
or 61 7 40976270