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Winsome Board paints the light and colours of Northern Australia

Beside the Still Waters

of Win's Gallery, 35 Grigg St., Ravenshoe




This painting was completed in 1981, while I was still teaching. I had done a watercolour of the same spot a few weeks before, which won the Caltex prize at the Hinchinbrook Art Exhibition. A cold snap had changed the colours; I loved the contrast of wind movement in the sky and the still water below.
After I had done the lithographic prints I was asked if I could provide some Australian prints to decorate the hotel walls for the first Australian Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne. We blue tacked my six prints to the wall. It was there that a participant suggested that this print was a healing print which would relieve anxiety. We confirmed this with muscle checking and I have confirmed it many times since.
I ask the viewer to think of her problem while staring at the painting to let the two things interplay. One woman explained, ”I walked around the clump of trees and looked at the problem from each person’s point of view then I understood the situation better.” Another said, ”I just sat in the grass, looked at the water, and realised that it was not my problem.” A five year old told an involved story about being pursued across the lake and climbing to safety in a tree house. Usually I never ask for the problem or am told the solution but the anxiety is relieved. I myself keep a framed print above my dining room table so I can always eat with a quiet mind.



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